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  • Each project is categorized by the provinces of Orellana, Pastaza and Morona Santiago. Each region offers a diversity of culture and activities.
  • Listed in the directory, you will find the website, a short description (hover over link), and it’s location
  • The directory is open to new submissions, the more the merrier! Submissions can be made by filling out or New Submissions form here.
  • Below you will find our volunteer blog which can be used as a guide and resource for researching your volunteer work!


Volunteer Amazonia Disclaimer

  1. Volunteer Amazonia does not manage volunteers, but we provide information to directly contact volunteer projects from our Project Directory.
  2. This website was created by volunteers for volunteers to help facilitate researching the high amount of options for volunteer opportunities in Ecuador, primiarily focusing on safety, social responsibility and sustainability.
    • All programs on this site have been evaluated according to the Volunteer Amazonia Safety Requirements and Standards (Read document here).
  3. Volunteer Amazonia has a zero tolerance policy for scams, sexual abuse, and violation of human rights. Any reports can be made to

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